Run Against Racism

The 2021 UR Run Against Racism will run virtually from July 17-August 1

We're back! Immerse yourself in local Black history while exploring new routes/neighborhoods in Utica!

Here's how it works:

• Choose your route (see below)
• Stop along the way and read temporary historical signage to learn more about our local Black community
• Talk about or reflect racism and how you can help combat it as you walk/run
• Post photos and thoughts to our UR Run Against Racism event page, if you choose
• The run is FREE! Just please sign up here.

Did you run the route last year?
Consider doing it again and bringing along a friend or two!

New this year...

Alex Gonzalez and Melissa Barlett of our DEI committee have produced multiple routes that break down the course with something for everyone, ranging from 1.4 miles up to the full 8.5 mile course. You can choose the distance, neighborhood and/or specific signs you would like to see.... or try out many routes over the three weekends!

DOWNLOAD 6.3 mile, 6.8 mile and the full 8.5 mile routes

DOWNLOAD shorter routes

Why did we put this run together?

Education, relationship building, openness and exploration of the communities around us can lead to understanding and to combat racism. The Utica Roadrunners have created a route throughout the heart of Utica for members and friends to run/walk at their leisure as a way to jointly take a stand against racism and injustice. Along the route, participants will learn about different places, people and events that celebrate the rich history and contributions of Utica’s black community through temporary historic signage that will remain up for the month of July.

Participants will be able to utilize a visual map and/or turn-by-turn instructions to follow the route, which takes you through parts of Cornhill, the Parkway District, East Utica, the Broad Street Corridor, Historic Bagg’s Square, Downtown and the Oneida Square Arts District. While running/walking, we encourage participants to have meaningful conversations about race or discussions about recent events... or if they prefer, to run/walk solo in personal reflection or listen to a podcast or audio book. We also hope they take in the beauty of our city as they explore places they may not have noticed or visited before. While paying homage to our local Black community, the route was also created to celebrate the Black lives lost throughout the country.

We run in remembrance of them:

• The route is approximately 8.5 miles long to honor the life of George Floyd, reflecting the length of time a police officer in Minneapolis had his knee on his neck
• There are 27 stops in total to honor the life of Breonna Taylor, who was killed in Kentucky right before her 27th birthday
• UR encourages people to run the route on Sundays, to honor Ahmaud Arbery who was killed on Sunday, February 23, 2020 while running in Georgia

What your donation will do!

Our inaugural event in 2020 had 136 runners and walkers sign up and we raised $1,500 to support Black-owned businesses and to support the Roadrunner's DEI Committee and their initiatives. The event is FREE, but if you are so moved to donate, proceeds will benefit a 2022 student scholarship for a U-ROAR member AND will support local black-owned businesses as we purchase gift cards for prizes and hair cuts for kids in need in the community.

Throughout the duration of the virtual event, participants are encouraged to take and post photos and thoughts on what they have seen and learned along the route to our Facebook event page. People will be chosen at random for prizes that will support both running-related and black-owned businesses.