Club Cup

Club Cup

Current Standings 2023

Updated 7/30/23

Kuyahoora Kickers    371.61  (5)       season totals:   18
Roman Runners        367.21  (4)                                   17
Utica Roadrunners   337.05  (3)                                   13
Toe Path Trekkers     306.16  (2)                                     7
MV Hill Striders           57.92  (1)                                     5

Top Scorers from Sundae Run (5K/10K)

(Name - Time - Score)
Susan Luley         28:48           70.67
Chris Edic            18:56            69.53
Amanda Mazza    21:41            67.72
Laura George       27:36            65.69
Jeff George           51:09           63.44

Top Scorers from Patriot Run

Eric Kasper                             0:19:29  77.13 5K    3rd OA, 1st AG
Jessica Charles                      0:40:59  75.80 10K   2nd OA Female, 1st AG
Gary Burak                             0:23:09  70.20 5K     1st AG
Susan Luley                           0:29:06  69.93 5K     1st AG
Kathy Garbooshian                0:23:27  69.65 5K     1st AG, 3rd OA Female

Club Cup Events 2023

April 2 - Fort to Fort 5K &10K, Rome
May 13 - Towpath Trail 5K & 10K, St. Johnsville
June 11 - Patriot Run 5K & 10K, Rome
July 16 - Sundae Run 5K & 10K, Richfield Springs
August 18 - Woodsmen's Run 10K, Boonville
September 24 - Falling Leaves 5K & 14K, Utica
*You may compete in EITHER event when both are listed! Some fancy calculations will be done to make sure that the scoring is fair at the end.

2023 Clubs

Kuyahoora Kickers
MV Hill Striders
Roman Runners
Toe Path Trekkers
Utica Roadrunners


Final Standings 2022

1st Roman Runners                       44 Points
2nd Kuyahoora Kickers                  43 Points
3rd Utica Roadrunners                  34 Points

Rock City Runners                   13 Points
MV Hill Striders                       12 Points
Toe Path Trekkers                    12 Points
Syracuse Track Club                8 Points

Final Standings 2021

  • Roman Runners 33
  • Utica Roadrunners 26
  • Kuyahoora Kickers 22
  • MV Hill Striders 15
  • Rock City Runners 14
  • Tow Path Trekkers 7

About the Club Cup

This friendly competition is held annually among the Kuyahoora Kickers, Mohawk Valley Hill Striders, Roman Runners, Toe Path Trekkers, and the Utica Roadrunners.

In a series of designated races throughout the season, each club’s members will compete on an age-graded basis against the five other clubs. By using age grading, anyone in a club could find themselves contributing to the club’s success in any given race. There are no gender or age distinctions. The Cup is truly open to all members. The best five results by each club’s members in a race will be compared to the other clubs and points awarded on a descending basis, with six points to the best, five to second and so on down to a single point. At the end of the year, the club with the most points wins the CNY Running Clubs Cup and bragging rights for a year.

People who are members of more than one Cup club should be aware that the first club you compete for in a year is the club you will represent for the rest of the year.  Team members must also be in good standing with the club by March 31st. For information, contact Tim Kane

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