Nestled at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains the Utica area has wonderfully varied terrain that lends itself to running. The Utica Roadrunners pride ourselves as being one of the most active and social running clubs in the RRCA. We are are a diverse group of over 600 people that promote health and fitness through running as well as many other activities. We are a club of all ages and paces where anyone is welcome to join in.

The Utica Roadrunners are an active group. We have a presence of some sort in every running event in the area. Our own Falling Leaves Race is a beautiful celebration of the fall colors with a 14k route that flows through the Switchbacks of the South Woods. Falling Leaves has grown to over 1400 entries and continues to grow.

Along with the Falling Leaves we also have the Save Our Switchbacks Run, Summer Sizzle, Skeleton Run, Summer Development Runs and the Thanksgiving Day Run for Hunger.

We are proud to be active in the beginnings of the National Distance Running Hall of Fame right here in Utica, New York. We see it as an extension of our proud running community.

Join the Utica Roadrunners and Accelerate Sports Complex for the Boilermaker Training Program. We are excited to help our fellow runners to make the biggest local event their best experience ever! All are welcome to join in.

We hope that whether you’re a local or from out of town that you’ll join us fo one (or more) of our runs. We’re sure you will enjoy the run almost as much as the people.