Boilermaker Training Program

2022 Boilermaker Training Program is BACK starting February 26th!

Under NEW leadership this year with the same coaching expertise we can’t wait to bring you a Boilermaker Training Program that you will never forget!

We'll be meeting at 7:30AM at Accelerate Sports in Whitesboro.

Interested in taking part? Please sign-up here!

What is it?

The Boilermaker Training Program is a FREE benefit to our members (and we ask that non-members join the club in order to take advantage of this great perk as well as several others!)

What will you get??

  • Coaching by Road Runner Club of America (RRCA) Certified Coaches
  • Group support, motivation & accountability
  • Make new friends
  • Run the greatest 15k in the Nation!
  • That sense of pride when you accomplish your goals

Whether you are new to running and want to take a crack at your first 5k or you’ve always wanted to run the Boilermaker 15k, our coaches will get you ready. We also have plans for those who are a little more experienced and want to try to run a personal best!

Who can do it?

ANYONE! Doesn’t matter if it’s your first Boilermaker and you’ve run no further than to your mailbox OR if you’re a veteran runner looking for motivation and a great group to run with. There will be people of all ages and abilities in the group. We guarantee you will find some lifelong friends by joining!

Why do it?

Why NOT?! You’ll have a group of friends ready to run with you every week (which will definitely get you out of bed!), you’ll have seasoned runners to tap into for advice, there will be volunteers on the course hydrating you and keeping you safe on the streets and so much more. 100% of our participants have crossed the Boilermaker finish line for multiple years. We think it’s the BEST training program around! So again... why NOT?!

Do I need to be a UR member?

Yes, please! It’s a great deal though - only $25 for the year for an individual), $30 for couples or only $40 for a family of 3 or more living at the same address. You’ll get local running news throughout the year and other benefits. Sign up right on our website:

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Day one of the Boilermaker Training Program.
Training Program participants on the Big Day!