Frankie Run

Frank D’Allesando, along with Linda Turner and Mike Kessler, founded the Boilermaker Training Program in 1999 at the Fitness Mill in New York Mills. There, he met Don Reese and asked him to assist with the training group. Frankie and Don trained participants from Monday to Thursday, with Don sending out weekly emails with running tips, routes for Saturday long runs, and water stop locations.

Before the training runs began, Frankie took Don on his favorite route through the city, starting at Utica College. They ran up Burrstone Road, onto Valley View Road, through the golf course to Oneida Street, then to Higby Road, down to Genesee Street, and back via French Road. This route became a staple in the training program.

Join us for our annual tradition as we honor Frank with a memorial run on June 29th. We'll gather at 7:30 AM at the entrance to Utica University, across from the old St. Luke's Hospital. Come and be part of this special event!


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